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Meet Dr. Raymona

Dr. Raymona H. Lawrence is the owner of Dr. Raymona H. Lawrence Coaching, LLC- a Software/Systems as a Service (SAAS) Agency [iEngageU].  She is also a dynamic Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion speaker, coach, and consultant. She is a public health professor, a wife of 21 years, a mom of a 16 and 6 year old and a fierce challenger of broken systems that keep people from reaching their highest potential.


Dr. Raymona Speaks-MUST WATCH

"It's essential to have inclusive environments for business owners to thrive! It's also important to equip business owners with the systems and skill sets they need to compete in the global marketplace.  My services provide both!"

~Dr. Raymona

“It was an exciting journey.  It is obvious how much work, energy, and love was put into this training!! Unlike other trainings where people are just filling it with not necessarily useful information, yours is packed with value and it is such an eye opener!  Thank you Raymona!

- Dilara A.

“Today was a STRETCH and I loved every moment.”

- Chandra L.

"I would definitely recommend this [training] to anyone wanting to start/grow their business. This training was a game changer. Your energy and motivation were contagious!! I so appreciate the many, many hours that you dedicated to this training. Thank you Raymona for all your support!

- Pam B.


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